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Remote Start Specials!!!
Remote Start Specials!!!
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    Original price $149.99 - Original price $149.99
    Original price
    $149.99 - $149.99
    Current price $149.99
    Includes LC Low Current Harness Only
    Ultra Slim Design
    Same Connector Layout CM7xxx
    Supports All Firstech RF Kits & Drone Mobile
    Flexible Bypass Module Support
    BLADE "Cartridge Style" Compatible
    ALCA can also be used
    FTI Harness Compatible
    Manual Transmission Compatible with DASII
    Drone Mobile Ready
    3 Programmable HC High CUrrent Outputs
    Auxiliary Port
    3 Additional Data Ports
    2 Additional LC Low Current Ports
    Active LED on Module (if you don't hook up Parking Lights)
    Programmable Door/Trunk/Hood Inputs - Positive/Negative/Normally Closed
    Compatible with DroneMobile
    Compatible with RPS Touch
    Compatible with Weblink
    Built-in Turbo Timer
    Diesel-Engine Safe
    Manual-Transmission Safe