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Remote Start Specials!!!
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    DS18- HOOLIGAN X , High Excursion 15" Subwoofer 6000 Watts MAX 4" DVC 2-Ohms

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    The DS18 Hooligan X15 has already been proven to provide top end performance and bass now for 6 years on the streets and in the lanes, hooligans have been a choice of music lovers and competitors alike.

    We have taken the Traditional Hooligan and revamped it in our newest revision, the Hooligan X15 High Excursion subwoofer. This model features long throw pole, larger spider, and high excursion surround to lower the FS of the speaker making it louder at subsonic frequencies. This massive sub will be great for high powered music or SPL. A FS of 26 will ensure deep lows down to 20Hz and great punchy bass up around 40Hz depending on your box tuning. This subwoofer is rated at 4000w RMS and 6000w Max so your vehicle will require electrical upgrades and large wire.

    This sub will be friendly to 4th orders, 6th orders, ported boxes, and large sealed boxes and can be used in most applications that has room for the box. With a 59mm one way XMAX, this sub is sure to pump out extreme decibels with the proper power and box setup. We recommend a tuning of 25-35Hz for ported boxes depending on your goals.

    If you are looking for extreme bass and massive power look no further than the Hooligan High Excursion line! This Hooligan variant will be sure to start you on your way to high volume hairtricks and massive lows!


    • High powered 4" Black Aluminum voice coil handling 4000w RMS and 6000w Max power for heavy hitting competition bass.
    • We have added a large high excursion surround to help with the high pole to pole flex this subwoofer has giving it has a 59mm one way xmax!
    • We have also added a larger spider that helps lower the FS (Resonant Frequency) so this sub plays lower much louder than previous versions.
    • 4 inch black aluminum voice coil handling a massive 4000w RMS and 6000w Peak will be sure to get this subwoofer moving with hurricane wind forces.
    • The DS18 Tooled Black basket is one of the slickest and best looking baskets on the market. Not only extremely strong but looks great so you can use plexiglass or mount inverted on your box to see the show quality frame and motor topped off by a carbon fiber dust cap.
    • Huge 500oz magnet will help the voice coil receive and handle the massive power this sub requires with high efficiency and durability.

    Nominal Diameter 15"
    Nominal Impedance 2 + 2 Ohms
    RMS Power Handling 4000W
    MAX Power Handling 6000W
    Sensitivity (1w/1m) 88.2 dB
    Frequency Response 16Hz - 500Hz
    Recommended Lo Pass Crossover 80Hz
    Voice Coil Diameter 4" / 99.8mm
    VC Former Material Black Aluminum
    Winding Material CCAW
    Cone Material Non-Pressed Paper
    Dust Cap Material Carbon Fiber
    Surround Material Foam
    Basket Material Aluminum
    Basket Color and Finish Sandblasted Black
    Magnet Material Ferrite
    Magnet Weight 500 Oz
    Displacement Volume 9.1L / 0.32 ft3
    Equivalent Volume Vas 61.93 L /2.18 ft3
    Excursion (one way) Xmax 59 mm
    Free Air Resonance Fs 26 Hz
    Mechanical Factor Qms 4.98
    Electrical Factor Qes 0.513
    Total Factor Qts 0.402
    Mechanical Mass Mms 478.64 g
    Mechanical Compliance Cms 0.025 mm/N
    BL Factor BL 15.83
    Voice Coil Inductance Le 2.517 mH
    Cone Area 754.77 Cm2
    DC Resistance 1.9+1.9 ohms
    Efficiency Bandwidth Product 50.6
    Overall Diameter 15.56” / 395mm
    Overall Depth 13.31” / 338mm
    Front Mount Baffle Cutout 14.10” / 358mm
    Mounting Depth 11.19” / 284mm
    Motor Diameter 9.96” / 253mm